welcome to blog muhamad hafizh

welcome to blog muhamad hafizh

sebenar'a blog ini dibuat cuma iseng_iseng aja, dari pada gak ada waktu kan...
tempat baca berita terbaru, tips2, lirik lagu, dan lain-lain yang lebih seru, profil band dan jadwal event, dan profil komunitas-komunitas yg unik.

Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

stillvirgin "untill one day i marry you"

Please always stay with me until i marry you
Yes i give you ring in your finger
You know you're my only think
You my only dream

To loving you the best think i can do
i wake up this morning
you give me a hot coffee
you tall me some story
About me and you
yes about every think that we make it
Don’t forget until the day is come
so kiss me when you miss me
hold me like you cant lose me
i know i could be crazy
if every think over now
and i say that i am sorry
if until now i can be
like you want me to be i try hard to make you
proud to me
i know if every think can be alright
just promise to me you never let me go
until one day i marry you

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