welcome to blog muhamad hafizh

welcome to blog muhamad hafizh

sebenar'a blog ini dibuat cuma iseng_iseng aja, dari pada gak ada waktu kan...
tempat baca berita terbaru, tips2, lirik lagu, dan lain-lain yang lebih seru, profil band dan jadwal event, dan profil komunitas-komunitas yg unik.

Senin, 08 Agustus 2011


a thousand miles I’m go
before i cant going back
its hard me to forget it
there is something i will miss it

yesterday is come
wondering why i have to smile
and i adore you oh baby
forever, you make me stuck in here

even i try to be smart for you
even i try to be everything for you ,,,

sorry i lie to you
if every time i say i missing you
maybe that’s what i found him in my life
you should know, its hard to me
believe me , i hope you understand if all going past

so let me in your side maybe for last time
so let me kiss your lips and say goodbye oh dear,,
its will be end for us

its ok sometime i have to learn something about anything
its alright if you say enough but don’t worry i still be your all eternity

Shut up your mouth, please don’t say anything you just make me crying
Its hurt me , why you jut not hate me, if you know I lie to you

For everything a reason need explain if you understand

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